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Bachelor of Music Curriculum

Life isn't an audition.

Any music school can make you a better player. Our interconnected courses are built to transform you intellectually, artistically, professionally, and individually. You'll understand the roots of your music, freeing you to take it somewhere new. You'll see how your training broadens your options, rather than narrowing them. You'll find your voice. And you'll enter the world with the same confidence you bring to the stage.

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Course #/Title Cr.
Required for First Year Undergraduates  
PDV 200 Professional Fundamentals 1
PDV 202 Financial Literacy 1
APP 404 Practical Aspects 2

PDV 204 Musical Startups

PDV 220 Building Your Digital Presence 1
PDV 206 Business for the Media Composer 2
PDV 230 Intro to Music Criticism 2
IND 300 Program Notes 3
Mind & Body  
PDV 302R Alexander Technique 1
PDV 320 Health and Wellness 1
PDV 310 Training the Musical Brain 2
Pedagogy & Engagement  
PDV 208 Building a Private Teaching Studio 1
PDV 432 Teaching Artistry 101 2
PDV 433 Teaching Artistry 201 2
PDV 161-163/661-663 1-3
PDV 420-422 Conservatory Connect 0-2
PDV 420-422 Conservatory Connect Workshop 1
PDV 434 Foundations of Teaching Music 1
PDV 502 Intro to Music Technology 1
PDV 510 Intro to Sound Recording 2