Piano Accompanist for Vocalist, Violin, Flute, or Oboe (ends 2/15)


We have about 16 vocalists and 3 instrumentalists, under the age of 18, who need piano accompanists for our Junior Bach Festival this year. The Festival expects to present 12 unique concerts featuring highly skilled young musicians. Auditions will take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, February 2 and 3, and concerts will take place between March 22 and March 31, 2019. Locations of concerts can probably be limited to San Francisco or Berkeley, although 4 of 12 concerts can also take place in Menlo Park area. It is likely that about 40% of students who audition will be accepted for concerts. It is likely that most accompanists will be requested only to play in CONCERTS, since students will be permitted to have their "adult" accompanists to be with them during auditions.


Age of 22 and below. Sufficient piano skills to perform Bach Sonatas or vocal (e.g. Cantata) pieces. Note that most Bach vocal accompaniments are NOT elementary compositions.


Arrange with student to get a copy of the piano part, and practice it sufficiently to be a competent accompanist. Rehearse as needed, and be available to play in a concert or other function as agreed upon with soloist.


Suggest $80 - $100 per hour when with student

Application Instructions: 

Please Email me (Spencer Larsen) at spencelars6@gmail.com if you are interested, and give me your contact information, and I will give your contact information to all interested students.