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Library Hours

Library is open remotely, 24/7.

To borrow library materials, please search our online catalog, contact library@sfcm.edu with a list of the items you would like, and we can arrange for them to be picked up outside of the library. For the duration of the shelter-in-place order, the SFCM library will temporarily suspend all late fines and overdue items for faculty, collegiate students, precollege students, and alumni. If you have more specific questions, please contact library@sfcm.edu.

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  • The Library at SFCM

    The San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s Library is a center with a multitude of resources, a hub for study, and everything in between. Take advantage of the extensive catalog housed at SFCM that will help you build the foundational knowledge you need to take your education to the next level. Whether it’s a treatise on sixteenth-century counterpoint or the biography of an obscure composer, the Library is the one place that has it all.

    About the Library

  • Library Catalog

    Search the world’s largest library catalog database and take advantage of information sharing on a global scale.

    Library Catalog (WorldCat) 

  • Your Library Account

    To renew books or check out details of your library account you may access your library account online.

  • SFCM Archives

    Care to dig into the past? The San Francisco Conservatory of Music is turning 100 very soon, and there is a wealth of history to explore, from former faculty to facilities to music-making.

    Visit the Archives

  • Subject Guides

    Get into the thick of things by accessing SFCM’s subject guides. These guides will lead you to anywhere you want to go.

    Subject Guides

  • Resources and Forms

    All the information you can find your way to from the Library at SFCM. This point of departure is the start that you’ve been looking for.

    Resources and Forms