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Auditions & Repertoire

Collegiate Apply / Request Information

a piano in cha with symphony hall through the window behind it

You will be great!

We know how stressful and intimidating auditioning can be, so we do our best to tell applicants what to expect throughout the day and in the audition room.

Each year applicants tell us our audition weekend was their most welcoming and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you in sunny California late January through February! 

Audition Formats

Our audition weekends in San Francisco are the best time to get to know our campus, faculty, current students, and city.

Applicants are required to audition in person for all Artist Diploma programs, as well as for the String and Piano Chamber Music program. For applicants in all other areas of study who cannot make it to a live audition date, there will be the option to request a virtual or recorded option when the audition slots become available following the December 1 deadline.


    All applicants applying for a prescreened area will be required to upload prescreen recordings in the application in order to be considered for an audition invite. Applicants will then be informed if they are invited to attend an audition or have been denied in prescreening. See below a summary of areas of study with prescreening.

    Repertoire and Dates

    To view audition repertoire requirements and dates, select your area of study below. Audition dates are subject to change. Applicants should not book travel until they have received an audition time confirmation from the Office of Admissions.

    Area of Study Prescreening



    Classical Guitar



    has prescreening

    Collaborative Piano 



    has prescreening

    Historical Performance



    has prescreening


    has prescreening

    Roots, Jazz, and American Music

    has prescreening


    some have prescreening

    String and Piano Chamber Music

    has prescreening

    Technology and Applied Composition

    has prescreening

    Voice and Opera Studies

    has prescreening



    Spring Auditions

    The following programs will not be accepting applications for Spring 2024 admission. They will only be accepting applications for Fall 2024.

    • Conducting - All Programs
    • Piano - Artist Diploma
    • String and Piano Chamber Music - All Programs
    • Technology and Applied Composition - Graduate and Postgraduate
    • Opera Studies - Artist Diploma