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TAC Auditions

Collegiate Apply / Request Information

TAC Auditions

Collegiate Apply / Request Information


Fall 2024 Audition Dates Are Coming Soon.


All TAC applicants are required to submit prescreening requirements detailed below with the application. Applicants will be informed if they are invited to attend an audition or have been denied in prescreening.

For all TAC applicants:

  • You will need to demonstrate your piano proficiency at the final audition. You do not need to upload piano recordings for prescreening.
  • If piano is not your primary instrument, you still need to fulfill the piano proficiency at the final audition, but may also perform or submit recordings of you performing on your primary instrument.



Uploaded Media and Composition Scores

  • One notated musical score that demonstrates original musical thought and the fundamentals of compositional technique
  • One self-produced recording of your original work (can be made using any combination of acoustic and virtual instruments)
  • One or more additional work samples: We want to get a sense of how you think and interact with various disciplines and technologies. Please include anything that might paint a bigger picture of your creativity or interests. Multimedia art, interactive digital art, literary interests, improvisation, and computer-generated compositions are encouraged.

Writing Requirements Within the Application

  • Two essays
    • What are some recent developments in music technology that you are most excited about? Why? (200-250 words)
    • How did you hear about the TAC Program? (200 words max)


Final Audition

  • Be prepared to discuss your notated score and uploaded media with the faculty.
  • Performance of one or two selections of music on piano or keyboard that demonstrates basic knowledge of music theory and hand coordination. Pieces can vary in difficulty. The following are examples of beginner to intermediate pieces that could be performed with a few months of practice for non-pianists. The entire work does not need to be performed, only selections. Total performance time should be at least five minutes.
    • Bach Notebook for Anna Magdalena
    • Bartok Mikrokosmos
    • Kabalevsky Pieces for Children, Op. 27
    • Stravinsky Les cinq doigts
  • If piano is not your primary instrument, please perform a short piece on your primary instrument or share a recording of you playing it. This is in addition to the piano performance requirement.
  • Applicants may make updates or additions to the prescreening scores and recordings for their Final Audition portfolio.


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