1. Degrees

Challenge every part of yourself.

Transforming the musician

From day one, SFCM students are given the unique opportunity to explore a wide range of musical and intellectual disciplines while receiving dedicated instruction in their specialty. Rigorous artistic training is balanced by intellectual exploration.

Experience a connected learning sequence — a curricular initiative encompassing history, theory, and the humanities, as well as performances that highlight the relationship between these domains. Each semester's central theme blends the intellectual, artistic, and historical. Conversation and collaboration spring up naturally. Performances illuminate ideas.

A San Francisco Conservatory of Music student playing viola during a lesson

Degrees and Programs

How far do you want to go?

Your studies should never stop challenging and inspiring you. That’s why our undergraduate and graduate music degree programs are designed to grow and change alongside your skill, interests, and ambition.

Winter Term

An incubator for ideas

Immerse yourself in a special topic and bring your projects and ideas to life.