RJAM Auditions


All RJAM applicants are required to submit unedited audiovisual recordings fulfilling the prescreening requirements listed below with the application. Applicants will be informed by January 5 if they are invited to attend a virtual performance interview or have been denied in prescreening. If invited, applicants will select a virtual performance interview time and submit recordings of the Final Audition pieces listed below. Recordings will be due one week before the selected virtual performance interview time.


Applicants must submit a prescreening recording with their application by December 1.

Each of these four selections should not exceed six minutes, and the total media submitted should not exceed 30 minutes.

  • A medium-tempo blues
  • An up-tempo jazz standard
  • A Latin, rock, or funk tune
  • A ballad

Final Audition

We anticipate sharing tempos, keys, and other guidelines with applicants via iReal Pro App so that applicants may upload recordings of the pieces below for the Final Audition Recording using our provided backing tracks. Applicants who pass prescreening will receive additional details.

  • There Will Never Be Another You (Eb)
  • Misty (Eb)
  • On Green Dolphin St. (C)
  • Now's the Time (F)
  • The Girl From Ipanema (F)


Virtual Performance Interview Format

All RJAM applicants are required to attend a Virtual Performance Interview following the submission of their Final Audition Recording. The Final Audition Recording will serve as the primary audition, with the Virtual Performance Interview supplementing it for the admission committee.

Applicants will be asked to perform 1-2 Final Audition pieces live for the faculty panel using Zoom. Applicants with concerns regarding live performance due to technology or space challenges should email apply@sfcm.edu.

Voice applicants should be prepared to send lead-sheets for three standards (5 copies in the correct key for each standard) and a ballad lead-sheet (1 copy) to be performed in addition to the pieces listed above.


Virtual Performance Interview Dates

February 27
February 28

Picture yourself at SFCM

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Library

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Milton Salkind Terrace

  • Osher Salon

  • Phyllis Wattis Atrium

  • Osher Salon

  • The Panoramic

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • The Panoramic

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • The Panoramic

  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music