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Health Services and Insurance

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Primary Care with Carbon Health

All collegiate students receive a membership with Carbon Health. Carbon Health provides high-quality, patient-centered primary and urgent care services with same-day/next-day appointments. Carbon Health accepts the SFCM Student Health Insurance Plan through UnitedHealthcare as well as many other national insurers. Students also have access to 24/7/365 virtual care by phone, email, and video conference, a mobile app for appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and referrals to a network of specialists. Carbon Health also offers fully comprehensive healthcare services for Mental Health, Women’s Health, LGBT Health, COVID Care and more. 

Change of Student Health Insurance Administrator

This year, there has been a change in the Student Health Insurance Plan administration at SFCM. Student Medicover has been selected as the new administrator, replacing Gallagher Student Health, to administer the Student Health Insurance Plan through UnitedHealthcare. As a preferred partner of UnitedHealthcare Student Resources in the Student Insurance Market, Student Medicover provides high-quality health insurance plans and reliable service for SFCM students. For 2023-2024 academic year, premium rate changes are as below:

Full-time undergraduate students' annual premium rate is $2,382; full-time graduate students' annual premium rate is $3,454.

Coverage Dates:

Coverage begins on August 1 of each academic year (January 1 for students starting in the spring semester) and ends on July 31.

Student Eligibility:

SFCM requires all full-time collegiate students to have health insurance. It is highly recommended that all students, along with their parents or legal guardians (if applicable), carefully assess and compare different health insurance alternatives. Domestic students without a comparable US-issued health insurance policy must purchase the health insurance offered through SFCM. Similarly, international students are mandated to enroll in health insurance provided through SFCM. Students who take a leave of absence may be ineligible to continue their health insurance policy through SFCM. International students enrolled in Optional Practical Training (OPT) are eligible, but not required, to enroll.

SHIP Benefits:

With its inclusive benefits and comprehensive coverage, the SFCM SHIP plan ensures that students have access to essential healthcare services, including vision care, emergency assistance, preventive vaccines and mental health support.

Additionally, the SFCM SHIP plan includes benefits such as telemedicine and telehealth services provided by HealthiestYou from Teladoc. All members have online access to licensed medical professionals 24/7 with no fees associated with these services. More information about benefits and coverage can be found in the 2023-2024 SFCM SHIP Policy Certificate (Master Policy)

For additional benefits information and questions, students may reach out to Student Medicover at 812-360-2313 or via email

Access to ID Card:

Insurance ID card is easy to access that all students enrolled, including dependents, can download the insurance ID card within 48 hours using either UHCSR secure portal, member account or UHCSR mobile app. After you successfully enrolled, create a UHCSR account at first. You can then view and print your insurance ID card or request a physical one within your account. With the UHCSR mobile app, you can access your insurance ID card at any time. UHCSR provides secure online access to coverage information, print-friendly insurance ID cards, and claims status, including associated correspondence.

Enroll and waive the Student Health Insurance Plan

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in the SFCM SHIP. For domestic students who want to opt out of SFCM SHIP, fill in the waiver form according to the insurance card and finish the SFCM waiver process.

Students who do not complete the online health insurance enrollment/waiver process will have the SFCM Student Health Insurance Plan charge placed on their term bill.

The SFCM SHIP enrollment/waiver portal for Policy Year 2023-24 is now open. All new and returning full-time undergraduate and graduate students for the upcoming term at SFCM can now choose to opt in/waive the SFCM Student Health Insurance Plan for the policy year 2023-24. For students who want to opt out of SFCM SHIP, fill in the waiver form using your alternate comparable coverage information and finish the SFCM waiver process.

Students who do not take action to enroll/waive by the deadline will be enrolled in SFCM SHIP by default and the premium will be assessed to the student’s account. The deadline to make your insurance selection is September 15.

Opt-in/waive SFCM SHIP for 2023-24

Dignity Health GoHealth Urgent Care

SFCM has partnered with Dignity Health GoHealth Urgent Care to provide easy, convenient access to health care for students, faculty, and staff. This includes access to any of the 12 Dignity Health GoHealth Urgent Care centers throughout the Bay Area, including the Market and Castro centers. All locations are open every day with evening, weekend, and holiday hours.