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Alliance with Opus 3 Artists Enhances the Student Experience

SFCM’s groundbreaking acquisition of the renowned artist management agency offers students unparalleled training and career opportunities, setting the Conservatory apart from other music programs in the country.

November 10, 2020 by Tim Records

Last month SFCM announced its revolutionary alliance with Opus 3 Artists, one of the last remaining American-owned large management companies for artists in the world. This venture was made possible by an anonymous donor whose sole intent, in making this particular donation, was to facilitate the union between SFCM and Opus 3. This collaboration will allow students attending one of the best music schools in the country to further discover and develop themselves as artists, intellectuals, professionals, and individuals in the heart of San Francisco.

The Student Experience—Amplified

SFCM students will gain unrivaled access to Opus 3 Artists’ roster of over 250 musicians and ensembles including Yo-Yo Ma, Emanuel Ax, Branford Marsalis, Stephanie Blythe, and Chanticleer. Opportunities connecting major artists and SFCM students will reach far beyond masterclasses, recording sessions, and performances. Students, alongside world-class artists, will be able to engage with communities and audiences throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Their artistry will be cultivated, mentored, and explored with the idols that inspired them to perform in the first place.

Comprehensive, Purposeful, and Unrivaled Training

Seasoned Opus 3 managers will visit the conservatory, strengthen students' understanding of management and marketing during workshops, and support SFCM’s arts management program slated to commence in the Fall of 2022. The program will become the first of its kind at a conservatory, forging a path for aspiring arts administrators. All of this—combined with internships linked to SF Opera, SF Symphony, and SFJAZZ—and SFCM’s Professional Development and Engagement Center (PDEC) will generate a new generation of artists fluent in marketing and business. A degree from one of the top music schools in the US will provide graduates a head start to pursue their passions in business, management, and performance.

Ensuring the Future of Classical Music

While students at SFCM will be provided exceptional access to the world’s great artists, Opus 3 artists will have access to an unparalleled package of resources and opportunities at SFCM to help bolster their success. The Bowes Center’s performance and recording spaces will allow Opus 3’s artists the ability to create and produce recordings of both standard repertoire and contemporary works, including those commissioned by The Emerging Black Composers Project. The alliance, and its focus on creative initiatives, will heighten the TAC student experience. TAC students will be able to sit in on the biggest recording sessions in the city, learn from renowned sound and recording engineers, and even work behind the console.

The connections between SFCM and Opus 3 Artists will impact students from all disciplines and levels of study. The partnership will reinforce SFCM’s dedication to students, seasoned artists, and the communities to which they serve while redefining the Conservatory model and setting a new global standard for arts education.

To learn more about the alliance, view the press release.