Pre-College Mezzo-Soprano Sings National Anthem at Giants Game

SFCM pre-college mezzo-soprano Kelly Shen

SFCM pre-college mezzo-soprano Kelly Shen.

Kelly Shen, one of Eun-Mee Ko's students in SFCM's pre-college voice program, wowed audiences at Oracle Park with her rendition of the National Anthem.

Pre-college student Kelly Shen ended her summer on a high note, singing an operatic rendition of the National Anthem last week at the San Francisco Giants' Oracle Stadium.

Now a high-school senior, mezzo-soprano Shen has been studying with Eun-Mee Ko since she was just 8 years old.

"Kelly performed at Carnegie Hall as one of the American Protégé Music Competition Winners last spring," Ko said.

"The staff at the Giants saw her photos about the Carnegie Hall performance and contacted her to sing for the anthem at the Giants game. She sang beautifully with a very professional presentation!"

For her Carnegie Hall performance, Shen chose Psyche by French composer Émile Paladilhe. To prepare for the performance, she translated the words of the text and wrote an essay on not just the history of the song, but also the poem it's adapted from and the composer, something Ko highlights in her classes. (The Vocal Performance Workshop is one of the required classes for the Pre-College Voice Department.)

Watch Shen's full performance of the National Anthem below, and learn more about SFCM's pre-college and voice programs.