Any student who wishes to withdraw from the Conservatory must file a withdrawal form, available from the Office of the Registrar. All financial calculations and official last date of attendance will be determined according to the date of the signature received by the Office of the Registrar on the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form.

If a student has been enrolled for more than 60 percent of the term (for students who received any federal financial aid, grants or loans) or enrolled more than nine weeks of the term (for students not receiving any federal financial aid), the student is not eligible for a refund of tuition and fees.

Calculations of refunds for those students receiving federal financial aid, grants or loans will be done per federal guidelines and returned first to grantors, in accordance with their requirements. Students can visit the Business Office for a summary of the calculations of the return of Title IV funds in reference to their financial aid. This office can review what will need to be returned due to withdrawal or leave of absence.

For those students not receiving federal financial aid, the amount of tuition retained will be 11 percent per week, according to the refund policy. For those receiving a Conservatory scholarship, the amount of scholarship not used will be returned to the scholarship fund and will not be refunded to the student. No refunds will be made to students who are dismissed from the Conservatory for disciplinary reasons.

Should a student or former student fail to pay a debt owed to the Conservatory, permission to register or receive other services or materials may be withheld until the debt is paid. For example, the Conservatory may withhold permission to receive transcripts of grades from any person owing a debt. If the student leaves the Conservatory owing a debt, the student is responsible for paying that debt as well as all costs of collection and a reasonable attorney’s fee. Any disputes over outstanding debts will be referred to the Business Office. The Business Office (or another office on campus to which the Business Office may refer the student) will review the pertinent information, including information the student may wish to present, and will advise the student of its conclusions with respect to the debt.