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We take pride in the academic integrity of our institution. Our students and faculty comprise dedicated individuals who are at the cusp of a pioneering approach to education in one of the most engaging and inventive environments among conservatories. Explore how academic rigor meets artistic passion at SFCM.

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Academic Freedom

We welcome a range of viewpoints in an endeavor to explore and push the boundaries of knowledge.

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Academic Honor Code

The Academic Honor Code outlines the expectations and guidelines of attending students.

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Academic Regulations

This document covers information regarding enrollment status, grading and credit policies, student code of conduct, and accomodation policies.

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Credit Hour Policy

The number of credits per course is determined by the nature of the class and are accumulated by semester.

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Find out more information on academic policies by perusing SFCM's catalog.

SFCM students

Non-discrimination Policy

Learn about our non-discrimination policy and how we are committed to building an environment that provides everyone with equal opportunity to grow and learn.

SFCM international student

Refund Policy

Learn about how to withdraw from the Conservatory.

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Student Grievance Policy

Learn about how we ensure that the concerns and complaints of collegiate students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly.

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Student Handbook

Get information on everything you need to know as an SFCM student, from dining plans to curricula.