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Student Housing Residency Requirement

This policy takes effect fall semester 2023.

Beginning with the undergraduate class entering Fall 2023, SFCM requires all undergraduate students to reside on campus at the Bowes Center.

Prior to Fall 2023, SFCM required undergraduate students to reside on campus for the first 3 academic years (Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years).

All Undergraduate students are guaranteed housing at Bowes Center during their time at SFCM.

Graduate students at SFCM will be offered housing at Bowes based on availability, and are not required to live on campus. If a student wants to be considered for on-campus housing, they should request space by applying for housing through the Office of ResidentialLife. Returning students apply for housing in March-April of the previous school year. New Students apply for housing starting in May, and will receive communication from the Office of Admissions and Office of Residential Life about applying. 

Current Students can find more details about their current housing at by logging into their applicant portal.

Housing Contracts extend through the full academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters), and students living on campus for the Fall semester are obligated to remain in on-campus housing for Spring Semester. Students will not be released from the housing contract mid-year or mid-semester. If there are any questions about your specific circumstance, please be in touch with

Exemptions to the Residency Requirement

Exemptions to the Residency Requirement may be granted by the Office of Residential Life. Students seeking an exemption must submit a Residency Requirement Exemption Form, and will be required to provide documentation during the housing application process. Students are expected to pay housing fees in full by the published payment deadlines unless the Office of Residential Life receives a residency retirement exemption from the student.

If a student’s request for exemption from the residency requirement is granted after payment is made, the student will be issued a refund. A separate Residency Requirement Exemption Form is required for each year a student is seeking exemption. For consideration, this form must be received by the Office of Residential Life no later than July 15 for new and returning students scheduled start at the beginning of Fall Semester, and no later than January 1 for New students and students returning from Leaves of Absence scheduled to start at the beginning of Spring Semester. Students continuing from Fall to Spring are not granted exemptions between semesters, since the housing contract extends through the full academic year.

Exemptions to the Residency Requirement will automatically be approved for the following reasons:

  • The student lives at home with a parent or legal guardian within 45 miles of SFCM. If the student changes residence, it is the student's responsibility to promptly notify the Office of Student Affairs.
  • The student is married, in a registered domestic partnership that is recognized by the state of California, and/or is a parent with whom one or more dependent children reside.

Students wishing to make an exemption request must first write to, subject-line: “Exemption Request”.


For all questions about student housing at SFCM, please contact