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Veteran Educational Benefits

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music is approved for the training of veterans and the widows and children of deceased veterans under the provisions of the various federal laws pertaining to veterans’ educational benefits. Information about veterans’ benefits is available at

Reimbursement is made by the Department of Veterans Affairs on a monthly basis. The amount of reimbursement is governed by the student’s rate of pursuit calculated by the number of course credits taken during a semester.

To obtain veterans’ educational benefits, the student must comply with the following procedures.

Please note: Montgomery GI Bill® recipients must have at least one day of active duty in order to receive benefits.

To Apply:

Once admitted to the Conservatory, the student must obtain an Application for the Program of Education of Training (VA form 22-1990) from the department of Veteran Affairs at

Students who have previously used benefits and are transferring from another university or college will need to obtain a Request for Change of Place of Training (VA form 22-1995) from the department of Veteran Affairs at

Eligible dependents of veterans should refer to to obtain the correct application form depending on the dates of service of the veteran.

All students must submit the following to the Office of Financial Aid by email, USPS, or in person (please see below for contact information):

  1. A copy of the completed application
  2. A certified copy of your DD214 (active duty) or an original “Notice of Basic Eligibility” from your reserve unit (reservists)
  3. A completed Veterans Educational Benefits Request form. This form will also serve as the application to the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Yellow Ribbon Program

The Conservatory is part of the Yellow Ribbon Program and will provide an additional amount which will be matched by the VA. This amount is in addition to what is covered under Chapter 33. 

Maintaining VA Benefits

Continuation of VA payments depends on the students meeting the Conservatory’s academic standards for all students. The student must also meet any standards of progress which may be established by VA regulation.

Certification of Enrollment

The certifying official will submit enrollment certifications to the VA electronically immediately after registration or pre-registration. There is flexibility for tuition payment if the check from the VA is delayed.


Most questions may be answered more thoroughly through the VA website listed above. For all other questions and to send forms please contact Kellie Gaines,