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Percussion Master of Music Curriculum

Life isn’t an audition.

Any music school can make you a better player. Our interconnected courses are built to transform you intellectually, artistically, professionally, and individually. You’ll understand the roots of your music, freeing you to take it somewhere new. You’ll see how your training broadens your options, rather than narrowing them. You'll find your voice. And you'll enter the world with the same confidence you bring to the stage.

Required Courses

Curriculum: Master of Music in Orchestral Instruments (Percussion)
Credit total: 45

Requirement Cr.
Private Instruction 16
Musicianship and Music Theory 0
Music History and Literature 12
Professional Development 2
Ensembles 14
Electives 1
Winter Term 2 Years
Juries and Recitals N/A

Two graduate juries and two graduate recitals are required, both of which will be used to determine fulfillment of performance requirements.