1. Admissions

By the numbers.

Cost and Aid

You'll need to know some specifics about the cost of attending SFCM, as well as all the ways to meet that cost. We've put together information for you that details tuition and housing expenses, financial aid options, and other money-related matters.

Tuition and Fees
How much does it cost to attend SFCM? We’ll give you the breakdown.

Financial Aid
A number of options are available for prospective students seeking financial assistance.

Federal and State Grants and Loans
Borrow from the government and see what awards you may be offered.

SFCM offers a host of merit-based scholarship opportunities for deserving students.

International Students
International students at SFCM are also able to get financial assistance in the form of scholarships and loans.

Term Payment Plan
Sometimes it’s easier to pay as you go.

Financial Forms
Here are the forms you need to get the financial assistance you’re looking for.

Work Study
Work on campus to help pay for your education.

Veteran Educational Benefits
Apply for and maintain your veteran benefits while in school.