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SFCM has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges' Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) continuously since 1960. WSCUC is the western states' regional accrediting body with a prestigious and progressive reputation. In February 2015, we completed a WSCUC review cycle, described below, which reaffirmed our accreditation for seven years. Details can be found on the WSCUC website and in the documents mentioned below.

Current WSCUC Accreditation

We recently completed a WSCUC accreditation review. Our Institutional Report was submitted to WSCUC in June 2014, we hosted a team of WSCUC visitors September 17-19, 2014, and on February 20, 2015, the President, Dean and Provost, Accreditation Liaison Officer, and Director of Institutional Research met with the WSCUC Commission. Our accreditation was reaffirmed for seven years in the WSCUC Commission Action Letter (pdf) sent on March 6, 2015.

We have prepared an Executive Summary of the Institutional Report that is available to all behind the Conservatory web portal.

WSCUC: WASC Senior College and University Commission

The WASC Senior College and University Commission ("the Commission") is a regional accrediting agency serving a diverse membership of public and private higher education institutions throughout California, Hawaii, and the Pacific as well as a limited number of institutions outside the US. Through its work of peer review, based on standards agreed to by the membership, the Commission encourages continuous institutional improvement and assures the membership and its constituencies, including the public, that accredited institutions are fulfilling their missions in service to their students and the public good.

The WASC Senior College and University Commission is recognized by the US Department of Education as certifying institutional eligibility for federal funding in a number of programs, including student access to federal financial aid.