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Program Review

curtains open on the opera stage with the orchestra in the foreground

Program Review

Program review, through which departments engage in formal and systematic self-study and self-improvement, is an essential part of SFCM's assessment process. Program review is designed to yield new departmental initiatives, enlightening discussions, inspired curricula, and stronger departments. This process is led by department chairs or program leaders, in close consultation with the Dean and the Accreditation Liaison Officer, with the aim of completing 2-3 reviews every academic year.

Program Review Guide for Program Leaders

Program Review Guide for External Reviewers

Program Reviews conducted:

  • AY22 Chamber Music (in progress)
  • AY22 Percussion (in progress)
  • AY20 Opera and Musical Theatre (in progress)
  • AY20 Historical Performance
  • AY19 Piano
  • AY18 Woodwinds
  • AY18 Brass
  • AY15 Guitar
  • AY14 The Complete Musician
  • AY14 Strings
  • AY14 Musicianship and Theory
  • AY13 Voice
  • AY13 Music History
  • AY13 General Education
  • AY13 Composition