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Guitar Auditions


There is no prescreening requirement for Classical Guitar applicants.

If you are interested in jazz guitar, please instead visit the RJAM auditions page.


  • One transcription of a work written before 1750
  • One classical or romantic work (including the Segovia repertoire) written for guitar
  • One 20th-century work written for guitar


For audition dates, please visit Auditions.

Picture yourself at SFCM

  • Barbro Osher Recital Hall

  • Cha Chi Ming Recital Hall

  • Bowes Terrace

  • Bowes Lounge

  • Studio G

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Library

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Milton Salkind Terrace

  • Osher Salon

  • Phyllis Wattis Atrium

  • Osher Salon

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music