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Guitar Auditions


Spring 2024

Auditions for Spring semester entry are arranged individually the week of November 13 following the application deadline. We do not accept Spring semester applications for the Opera Studies Artist Diploma program.

Fall 2024

In-person auditions for entry into the Fall semester will be held on the following dates and are subject to change. Students are reminded not to book travel until scheduling an audition slot through the application status portal, which will be available after the release of audition slots in December.

  • February 12
  • February 18
  • February 19



There is no prescreening requirement for Classical Guitar applicants.

If you are interested in jazz guitar, please instead visit the RJAM auditions page.


  • One transcription of a work written before 1750
  • One classical or romantic work (including the Segovia repertoire) written for guitar
  • One 20th-century work written for guitar


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