Program Review

Program Review, a process by which departments engage in a formal and systematic process for self-study and self-improvement, has recently been re-implemented at the Conservatory. Our early years gave us great insight into what could be accomplished by this review, and how better to achieve desired outcomes. We will continue to develop the process so it continues to yield new departmental initiatives, enlightening discussions, stronger curricula, and stronger departments. We have developed a Program Review Charter to explain the mission, goals, and process of Program Review. The mission statement of the Program Review process is as follows:

Program Review improves the educational experience of our students through departmental self-reflection and assessment on a regular basis; new decisions, programs, and actions based on evidential claims; and use of program review results to inform planning and budgeting.

Assessment of Student Learning

In the 2013-2014 academic year we engaged in a trial Assessment of Student Learning project to measure student learning at the time of graduation that we wish to expand and grow in future years. We will include existing methods of direct assessment, like juries, recitals, and academic assignments, and add new elements of indirect assessment, such as student surveys and the newly established exit interviews. This is part of a new initiative to improve assessment of student learning, as described in our Assessment of Student Learning Charter.