Recording Specifics

SFCM Recording Services automatically records:

  • SFCM Ensembles, Faculty Recitals, Guest Artist Recitals
  • Graduate Recitals
  • Artist Certificate Recitals
  • Junior Voice Recitals

If your recital falls under one of these categories, there is no need to fill out a recording request form, your recording will be scheduled automatically.

Scheduling a Concert Recording:

  1. You must reserve the hall through the Concert Office (415-503-6241) before submitting a recording request. Failure to do so may result in a delay in scheduling your requested date and time.
  2. Submit your request online after reserving a room.
  3. Receipt of an invoice is confirmation that your recording has been scheduled.

An engineer will be present 30 minutes prior to your recording for sound check if needed.

After your concert recording:

  1. Concert recording video and audio is edited. In general, talking and tuning is removed.
  2. Please allow 5 business days for completion of post production editing and mastering.

Expedited services (receipt of Master within 24 hours of recording) will incur a $50 service fee.


The rates listed below are for SFCM Collegiate, Preparatory, and Alumni Students/Faculty Only. The SFCM Recording Department no longer produces discs (CD/DVD) as part of recording session and concert recording packages -- we now provide digital files (mp4, mp3) at no additional cost. DVDs and CDs must be requested and will incur additional cost.

Digital File Transfer (mp3, mp4) No Charge
DVD $20.00
CD $15.00
DVD/CD (Set) $30.00
Additional Discs (DVD) $5.00
Additional Discs (CD) $3.00

Recording Session Rates

EARLY REQUEST (More than 2 Weeks Notice) $65.00 $110.00
STANDARD REQUEST $100.00 $165.00
(Less than 1 Week Notice)
$130.00 $220.00

Concert Recording Rates


(More than 2 Weeks Notice)

No Additional Fees $65.00 $110.00
STANDARD REQUEST No Additional Fees $98.00 $165.00
LATE REQUEST(Less than 1 Week Notice) No Additional Fees $130.00 $220.00

Recording Department Policy

  • All recording request must be paid in full before the day of your session. Failure to make prompt payment may result in the cancellation of your reserved time slot.
  • We understand that things happen, so please give 48 hours notice if you intend to cancel your recording session or performance. Recording sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will incur a $25 fee.
  • The Recording Services Department has adopted the audition guidelines of the Conservatory. All material recorded for the purpose of pre-screening auditions and/or competitions should be unedited. Please don't request edits for material that will be submitted for auditions and/or competitions. We are pleased to offer editing services for your professional projects or demo recordings.
  • Please review your recording immediately. All non-archived recordings (e.g. student recitals, recording sessions) will be removed from our storage drives after 30 days. At this point, any source material will be irretrievable. Please take this under consideration when ordering additional copies.
  • SFCM Recording Services is unable to record video for recitals that are set up along the East Wall (the long wall) in Osher Salon due to the limitations of our hall-installed camera. Audio-only recordings are not affected.