Creativity and Social Impact Competition - LumiVoce (ends 1/29)


In this project SFCM students are given the opportunity to utilize their talents and expertise to support wildlife conservation through the creation of collaborative musical productions on a competitive platform.


  • Each competition participant must be at least 18 years of age.  
  • Each participant must be a currently enrolled student with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (“SFCM”).  
  • Each participant must duly sign and return the Competition’s “Copyright Assignment Agreement” as a condition of having his or her proposal considered.  


Key Initiatives

  • Collaboration on an album entitled Ensoul - A Voice for the Wild.
  • Combination of classical music with the sounds of nature, wildlife, and the human voice in an effort to awaken the desire to protect wildlife.
  • Reviving classical music for a new generation through innovation, technology, and creativity while enhancing its social impact.


There will be 7-8 awards for tracks, each consisting of $1,000. Because each entrant is allowed up to 3 tracks, it is possible for each entrant to win between $1,000 to $3,000.  Winners will be featured on LumiVoce’s A Voice for the Wild YouTube channel and will potentially be included in the release of the Ensoul album, subject to final approval of executive producers from LumiVoce.

Application Instructions:

Click here for more information, including the application link, click here.