Youngest Singers Assistant Conductor - Kairos Music Academy, Berkeley


To support the choir’s continuing growth, this dynamic person works with Executive/Artistic Director and choir staff to provide musical development and foundational excitement to the youngest members of Kairos Youth Choir. We are proud to say that participation in Kairos has always been an experience that children love. The beginning group must offer an engaging yet friendly and nurturing atmosphere for young musicians to find their vocal technique while enjoying inspiring group camaraderie. Our choir values authentic and joyful creative expression while learning to work together for high musical achievement.

The Director prepares for and conducts the Avghie (Greek for “Sunrise”) and Anthos (Greek for “Blossoming”) ensembles in weekly rehearsals and performances. The Director collaborates with the Music Director, Administrative Director, and the Board of Directors to provide the achievement of the artistic goals, objectives and long-range plans of Kairos Music Academy. The Director implements an education plan designed to enhance the singers’ musical skills and knowledge.


  • Genuine enjoyment and love of children

  • Experienced choral conductor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music or higher

  • Experienced in working with children of multiple ages, especially younger students ages 6-9 years

  • Minimum of two (2) years previous experience in choral conducting/music education

  • Favorable connections to local schools and community

  • Energetic and engaging personality, with eagerness to grow and to develop the choir program

  • Proficient in piano/keyboard skills preferred

  • Historical knowledge of children’s choral repertoire

  • Strong organizational, problem solving and positive communication skills

  • Musical theater/performing arts, stage management background a plus

  • Marketing/recruiting and graphic design skills a plus

  • Supervisory experience


  • With the Founding Music Director and Administrative Director, recruits and auditions singers from Bay Area.

  • Conducts rehearsals and performances or finds a replacement if unable to attend.

  • Collaborates to design yearly events and to develop and to implement education programs for its singers.

  • Seeks and solidifies beneficial opportunities to perform beyond its usual engagements.

  • Develops and maintains strong collegial relationships with Kairos staff.

  • Represents Kairos Choir at community events.

  • Attends Rehearsals Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30 . 6:30 PM (4:00.7:00 PM)

  • Conducts in Concerts & Choir's Calendar Events


Salary determined upon education and experience, opportunities for growth in the part-time position

Application Instructions:

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