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Scholarships & Grants

SFCM has a very generous scholarship program. 99% of our students receive merit-based scholarships.

Merit-based scholarship is determined by your audition, departmental needs, academic transcripts, and recommendation letters. All admitted students are considered for merit-based scholarship. If you are only applying for merit-based scholarship, you do not need to complete the FAFSA or CSS Profile.

Need-based scholarship is determined by the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for USA citizens and permanent residents, and the CSS Profile for international and first-time undergraduate SFCM applicants.

Undergraduate SFCM students must maintain a cumulative 2.5-grade point average to be eligible for renewal of their scholarships, while graduate and postgraduate students must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Scholarship retention depends on the successful fulfillment of all obligations to the Conservatory, including large ensemble, chamber assignments, required GPA, and satisfactory academic progress. Scholarships are available to all full-time students and must remain full-time in order to receive their scholarship. Scholarship awards and tuition do not increase proportionally.


Many organizations provide scholarships based on very specific information about a student’s family, talents, or service.



To search for a scholarship, you will need to enter personal information. However, you should never be charged to find scholarship opportunities online.


Federal & State Grants


A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. It’s designed to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students with exceptional need who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) resulting from the FAFSA determines the amount of the award.


Federal SEOG awards are restricted to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need, and Pell grant recipients have first priority. Awards can range from $100 to $4,000 per year and are dependent on the allocation the school receives from the federal government.


All California residents who have not earned a bachelor’s degree are encouraged to apply for the California State Grant. This can be done by having your high school registrar, or your current college registrar if you’re transferring to SFCM, submit verification of your GPA by March 2. You must also submit the FAFSA prior to March 2 in order to be eligible for the Cal Grant. California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) awards these grants based on residency, enrollment status, and cumulative GPA. We estimate your Cal Grant based on preliminary eligibility information from CSAC. If you have been notified by CSAC that you are eligible for a Cal Grant award and it does not appear on your award letter, please contact the Financial Aid Office immediately so that we can adjust your award accordingly. Awards are applied directly to tuition and fee costs. Cal Grant B access awards will be applied to your account unless otherwise indicated by the student. For further information, please see www.csac.ca.gov.