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The San Francisco Conservatory of Music is excited to offer Resident Assistant (RA) positions at the Bowes Center for the 2022-2023 school year. RAs serve as staff members for the SFCM Office of Student Affairs. RAs report to the Director of Residential Life, Susannah White. The RAs are responsible for building an intimate, supportive, and collaborative community within the Bowes Center.

Application Timeline

  • Resident Assistants for 2022-2023 have been selected and the RA application has closed.
  • Please check in Spring 2023 for details about the Fall 2023 hiring process.

Please contact Susannah White, Director of Residential Life, with any questions at

The RA job description includes the following responsibilities:

Community Development

  • Develop a sense of community by facilitating the development of relationships among residents.
  • Devise and implement creative floor and building programs that allow students to interact and collaborate socially, academically, and musically. Each RA must conduct, at a minimum, one program each week that they are on-call.
  • Mediate conflict and help residents take responsibility for their residential community.
  • Create an open, respectful, and nurturing environment among the residents of the Bowes Center.
  • Maintain and update bulletin boards and other correspondences.

Peer Advising

  • Encourage the personal, musical, academic, and social development of residents.
  • Establish and maintain open communication with all residents; demonstrate availability and approachability with all residents.
  • Meet with residents who are experiencing concerns (roommate conflicts, personal concerns, homesickness, etc.) and refer residents to the appropriate resources for assistance.
  • Identify crises that require immediate attention and work with the Office of Student Affairs and others to resolve conflicts.
  • Serve as a leader and role model within the Bowes Center and SFCM communities.
  • Exercise mature, sound judgment in interactions with residents.

Policy Enforcement

  • Confront inappropriate behavior in an objective, consistent, and respectful manner in accordance with the Bowes Center and SFCM policies.
  • Educate residents with regard to personal safety, building policies, and general wellness.
  • Encourage residents to respect the rights of others with an emphasis on individual responsibility.
  • Set a positive example for residents by abiding by the Bowes Center and SFCM policies.

Staff Responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison between residents and the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Collaborate and compromise with the RA staff to address and resolve issues; act as a team player.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback regarding RA duties and job performance.
  • Assist with move-in day, Orientation, and other school-wide events.
  • Check SFCM email regularly – at least three times a day; Respond to emails in a timely manner. Actively participate in staff meetings, training workshops, and general programs.

RA Requirements & Conditions

  • Class Year:RAs must be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate student as of August 2022. 
  • GPA:RAs must have, and maintain, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.
  • Enrollment:RAs must be an SFCM student for both the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters.
  • Commitment:The job of an RA can be undefined and unpredictable. RAs must have a consistent and constant presence at the Bowes Center. RAs are asked not to be involved in more than 15 hours a week in outside activities, which may include but are not limited to other employment (both on- and off-campus) and extensive on- and off-campus ensembles. RAs are Students First, RAs Second, followed by any other obligations and commitments. RA applicants should speak with the Director of Residential Life about any potential conflicts or concerns.
  • Dates of Employment:RAs must commit to living at the Bowes Center for the 2022-2023 residential year (defined as Fall Term: August 14-December 31, 2022; Spring Term: January 1-May Commencement, 2023), with specific attention to the following dates:
    • RA Training: August 15-19, 2022
    • Move-in for Students: August 20, 2022
    • Fall New Student Orientation: August 21-28, 2022
    • â—‹Graduation: May 19, 2023


  • 85% discount on housing for a shared room in the Bowes Center for the duration of the academic year; RAs will share a room with another resident (inside a four-person unit) and have one extra-long twin bed.
  • Access to an on-site office at the Bowes Center for work and meetings with students.
  • Enrollment:RAs must be an SFCM student for both the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters.
  • $16.32 per hour compensation for office hours, programming, and training time.