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Harpsichord Master of Music Curriculum

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As a harpsichord student at SFCM, you’ll have extensive performing opportunities in both large and small ensembles, taking advantage of a small studio size.

Our keyboard collection includes seven fine harpsichords including instruments built by Bay Area master builders John Phillips and Kevin Fryer, as well as harpsichords built by Rutowski & Robinette and Eric Hertz, a Walter copy fortepiano, a large unfretted clavichord, and practice pedal organ.

Please contact Corey Jamason& for further information.

Required Courses

Credit total: 53.5

Requirement Cr.
Private Instruction 16
Performance Classes 4.5
Musicianship and Music Theory 0
Music History and Literature 12
Professional Development 2
Ensembles 14
Winter Term 2 Years
Juries and Recitals N/A