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Harpsichord Bachelor of Music Curriculum

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As a harpsichord student at SFCM, you’ll have extensive performing opportunities in both large and small ensembles, taking advantage of a small studio size.

Our keyboard collection includes seven fine harpsichords including instruments built by Bay Area master builders John Phillips and Kevin Fryer, as well as harpsichords built by Rutowski & Robinette and Eric Hertz, a Walter copy fortepiano, a large unfretted clavichord, and practice pedal organ.

Please contact Corey Jamason& for further information.

Required Courses

Curriculum: Bachelor of Music in Harpsichord
Credit Total: 136.5

Rec. Course #/Title Cr.
Private Instruction
1st/2nd/3rd/4th Yr. PVL 100 Major Instruction 32
Musicianship and Music Theory
1st yr. MMT 102/112 Musicianship 4
1st yr. MMT 103/113 Musicianship 4
2nd yr. MMT 104/114 Musicianship 4
2nd yr. MMT 105/115 Musicianship 4
3rd yr. MMT 106 Musicianship 2
3rd yr. MMT 107 Musicianship 2
3rd yr. MMT 232/233 Keyboard Harmony 4
Performance Class
4th yr. PRF 352 Piano Forum .5
Humanities and Sciences
1st yr. HMS 110/111 Approaches to College Writing 6
2nd yr. HMS 202/203 Intro to Western Civilization 8
3rd yr. HMS 302-399 (Literature) 3
4th yr. HMS 402-479 (Hist/Phil) 3
  HMS 210-599 12
Music History and Literature
2nd yr. MHL 202/203 4
3rd yr. MHL 204 2
3rd /4th yr. MHL 312-315 Keyboard Lit 4
4th yr. MHL 400-599 or MMT 252 or 253 3
4th yr. Other MHL/MMT Courses (except MHL 202-399 and MMT 100-115) 3
Applied Practical Training
4th yr. APP 404 Practical Aspects of a Career in Music 2
Baroque Studies
3rd yr. 2 credits’ worth of the following: PRF 354 Harpsichord Class; PRF 358 Forte Piano Class; ENS 212 Continuo Playing; MHL 400 Intro to Perf. Practice (3 credits) 2
1st/2nd yr. ENS 312 Continuo Playing 8
2nd/3rd/4th yr. ENS 210 Baroque Ensemble 12
3rd yr. ENS 300 Chorus or ENS 301 Chamber Choir 2
4th yr. IND 100: Harpsichord majors meet this requirement by taking IND 100 (Independent Study) under the sponsorship of their studio teacher. 2
Electives (3 credits total)
Courses numbered HMS 202-590, MMT 202-799, and courses in the APP, ENS, IND, MHL series that aren't used to fulfill core curriculum or major field requirements may be used to fulfill the requirements for the elective credits listed for individual majors.
Juries and Recitals
1st yr. JRFR Freshman Jury:
  1. A work of the English Virginal School
  2. A work of Frescobaldi
  3. A suite of Chambonnières or Louis Couperin
  4. A Bach French suite or selected sinfonias
2nd yr. JRSO Sophomore Jury:
  1. A work of the English Virginal School
  2. A toccata and suite of Froberger
  3. A suite of D'Anglebert
  4. Two preludes and fugues from Book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier
3rd yr. JRJU Junior Jury:
  1. An ordre of François Couperin
  2. An English suite or partita of Bach
4th yr. JRSN Senior Jury:
  1. A suite of Rameau
  2. One of the following major works of Bach: Italian Concerto, Overture in B Minor, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
4th yr. RCTSN Senior Recital  

Historical Performance Emphasis for Keyboard (Undergraduate) (total credits: 9-11)

  • ENS 210 (Conservatory Baroque Ensemble) (2 semesters, 4 credits)
  • ENS 212 (Continuo Playing) (1 semester, 2 credits) (not required if students can demonstrate prior experience)
  • MHL 400 (Introduction to Performance Practice) (1 semester, 3 credits)
  • PRF 354 (Harpsichord Class) (2 semesters, 2 credits)
  • Jury requirements as determined by Historical Performance faculty

These credits also count towards the Bachelor of Music degree.