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Voice Artist Diploma in Opera Studies Curriculum

Deepen your expertise and refine your artistry.

The Artist Diploma is a highly selective, individualized non-degree program designed for the artist on the path to a professional performance career. Artist Diploma students represent our highest standards of artistic excellence, and demonstrate an exceptional level of performance and musical achievement.

This program requires a minimum residence of two years, with an expected completion of the program within three years. Based on an apprenticeship model, these students receive professional development and management support individually from faculty and guest artists.

Admission to the program will involve a comprehensive evaluation of materials and two rounds of audition review, including a live interview. All Artist Diploma candidates are considered for a full tuition scholarship and are eligible for a Bowes Center housing stipend.

The Artist Diploma is currently offered for Piano, Opera Studies, and String and Piano Chamber Music students.

Opera Studies

Required Courses

Curriculum: Artist Diploma in Opera Studies
Credit Total: 48

The Artist Diploma in Opera Studies is a two-year program that provides highly gifted singers the opportunity to further define their individual artistry through performance experience, focused study, and individualized mentorship with faculty and industry professionals.

Performance opportunities are a primary component of the AD in Opera Studies experience at SFCM. Over the course of this 2-year program, each artist will be guaranteed a principal role in at least one of our 3 mainstage productions with orchestra, as well as be featured in an Artist Diploma Showcase specifically designed to highlight each performer’s unique artistic abilities.

Admission to the program will involve a comprehensive evaluation of audition materials as well as an evaluation by an outside panel of industry professionals. Only a few select students are admitted each year, allowing for individualized attention from faculty.

Requirement Cr.
Private Instruction 16
Performance Classes 3
Ensembles 14
Opera Role Preparation 4
Opera Program Electives 5
General Course Electives 4
Professional Development 2