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Ruby Pleasure

Interview Date: January 21, 2016
Conservatory Affiliation: Voice Faculty
Interviewer: Nicolina Logan

Ruby Pleasure earned a B.A. from Fisk University and an M.A. from Stanford University. She studied early music with George Houle and Imogene Horsley, theory with Arthur Crowley and Leonard Ratner and voice with James Van Lowe, Phillip Jones, Marie Gibson, Elizabeth Appling and Hermann le Roux. She serves as choir director and organist for St. Edward's Episcopal Church in Pacifica.

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Early years
Piano lessons
Hearing Marian Anderson sing
Fisk University
Stanford University
Marie Gibson
Joining the Conservatory in 1973
Early years at the Conservatory
Conservatory friends and colleagues
Sing-It-Yourself Messiah
Students and teaching
Advice to young musicians


Early years

Musical influences

Marie Gibson


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