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Bass Clarinet Intensive Closing Recital
Friday, June 21 2024, 07:30 PM at
Sol Joseph Recital Hall Map

Bass Clarinet Intensive Closing Recital

Friday, June 21 2024, 07:30 PM
Sol Joseph Recital Hall Map
SFCM faculty Jeff Anderle and Jerome Simas.


Cornelius Boots: At the Soda Shop
Gō Ichinose (arr. Tommy Shermulis): “Ice Path” from Pokémon Gold/Silver
Hannah McCoo: Deliverance
Henry McNamara, Rudy Rodriguez, Julian Rymar, Tommy Shermulis, bass clarinet

Georg Philipp Telemann (arr. Jonathan Russell): Harlequinade
J.S. Bach (arr. Mike Curtis): “Crucifixus” from Mass in B Minor, BWV 232
James Alodus, Francesc Campoy, Stephanie Chavez, Johnny Engelke, Sarah Hartglass, Rachel Lomeli, Ryan Odgers, Jerry Simas, bass clarinet

Roger Zare: Smoky Mountain Lullaby
Billie O’Connell and Finneas O’Connell (arr. Olivia Guillaume): Bad Guy
Ethan Aguilar, Emma Becker, Chris Farrell, Lauriana May, Jenna Miles, Martin Thomas, Jeff Bowles, Stefanie Gardner, bass clarinet

Jonathan Russell: THAT
Alamaailman Vasarat: Riistomaasiirtäjä 
Tucker Hall-Klingensmith, Milo Pomerance, Raul Marcano, Ariel McAnulty, Kasra Mokhaddarati, Andrew Rutten, Liora Schlessinger, Jonah Stuckey, Ben Taylor, Jonathan Russell, bass clarinet

Jonathan Russell: Slow Loris
Nicole Chamberlain: The Commute
Todd Marcus (arr. Jeff Anderle): Cairo Street Ride
Ethan Aguilar, James Alodus, Jeff Anderle, Emma Becker, Francesc Campoy, Stephanie Chavez, Johnny Engelke, Chris Farrell, Stefanie Gardner, Tucker Hall-Klingensmith, Sarah Hartglass, Rachel Lomeli,  Ariel McAanulty, Raul Marcano, Lauriana May, Henry McNamara, Jenna Miles, Kasra Mokhaddarati, Ryan Odgers, Milo Pomerance, Rudy Rodriguez, Andrew Rutten, Julian Rymar, Liora Schlessinger, Tommy Shermulis, Jonah Stuckey, Ben Taylor, Martin Thomas, bass clarinet
Jerry Simas, Jeff Bowles,contrabass clarinet
Jonathan Russell, conductor

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Friday, June 21 2024, 07:30 PM to Friday, June 21 2024, 10:00 PM

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Personalized instruction and abundant performance opportunities in SFCM’s Clarinet Department are designed to enhance and expand playing skills. Four forward-thinking teachers—including two members of the San Francisco Symphony—are ready to help you transform your playing. As one of fewer than 10 students, you’ll have a wealth of opportunities to collaborate and perform with other departments. Whether you have a penchant for bass or Eb, Classical or 21st-century repertoire, you'll find an expert here to bring you to the next level. You’ll also have the opportunity to enter the biennial Woodwind Concerto Competition.

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