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  2. Historical Performance

Getting to the root of it all.

SFCM offers a comprehensive track of study geared toward music of the past.

Historical Performance at SFCM offers bachelor's and master's music degrees in harpsichord and a one-year professional studies certificate in historical performance in the following areas: voice, baroque violin, viola, cello, historical keyboards, and historical plucked strings.

Traverse all eras of music history in an environment that stimulates a vivid dialogue between students, faculty, guest artists, and audiences about the important place of historical performance in music making today. Explore written, visual, and recorded primary sources and use that knowledge to create contemporary performances that are relevant, vibrant, and provocative.

Opportunities to study historical performance and perform instruments from the seventeenth century to the present (as part of our extensive collection) are open to all SFCM students, and our Baroque Ensemble performs regularly throughout the year.

SFCM and Opus 3 alliance
SFCM recently acquired Opus3 Artists, giving conservatory students a direct link to some of the most successful artists worldwide and inviting limitless opportunities for connection and collaboration.
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We’re waiting to show you around.

We look forward to your visit! Contact the Office of Admission to take a tour of our facilities. You can also contact the historical performance faculty directly to arrange a consultative lesson.

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Get a feel for the curriculum.

We've saved a seat for you. During your visit to SFCM, sit in on a class or two and see what it's like to be a student at the Conservatory.

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Take the classes that quicken your heartbeat.

This diploma track offers the most direct route to a deep understanding of historical music. Make use of SFCM’s resources to learn how historical techniques can enrich everything you play.

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Get out and play.

Historical performance opportunities are always available to students. SFCM’s Baroque Ensemble and various chamber groups showcase our wealth of historical instrumentalists.

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