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As a full-time student pursuing a Master of Music degree, you’re eligible to apply for graduate assistantships. Assistantships are awarded on the basis of musical proficiency and specific skills related to the position and are paid hourly over the course of the academic year. All assistantships pay $16/hour.


All Graduate Assistantships for 2017-2018 have been filled.

More opportunities may become available Spring 2018, so please check back then. Please see the list below for details.


Brass Chamber Music

Help organize chamber groups, act as contact for everyone in the various groups. Photocopy music for chamber groups and trombone class. Keep filing cabinet in the brass room organized. (hours vary/week)


Assist the Director of the Baroque Program. Provide clerical assistance, communicate with students, and assist with preparation of scores. (3.5 hours/week)

Baroque Harpsichord Tuner

Harpsichord Tuner. Coordinate time with David Taylor, the Concert Office Manager, to tune the harpsichord weekly. (2 hours/week)

Chamber Music (2)

Organize chamber groups at beginning of the semester, act as liaison between groups and coaches, and organize concerts (7 per semester). Attend all chamber music classes and concerts. An average of 12 hours per week, with more hours required at the beginning of the semester and fewer hours toward the end. This position is shared by two students. (approximately 6 hours/week/student)


Provide clerical assistance to the Composition Department as needed. (hours vary/week)

General Education

The General Education Assistant position primarily helps with the Western Civilization classes, by tutoring students and assisting the professor in the correction of homework, quizzes, exams, and research papers. Occasionally the GE Assistant also fills in by teaching a literature or writing class, or by tutoring students who are having difficulty in any GE class. Requires excellent English skills. (6-10 hours/week)


Assist with photocopying, phoning, scheduling, and securing rooms for rehearsals, programming of recitals and master classes, and serving as a liaison for the Department Chair when he is on tour. (5 hours/week)

Music History

Prepare and lead weekly discussion sessions for MHL 202 and/or 203, the first two semesters of the undergraduate music history survey. Tutor students in these courses and attend classes regularly or sporadically, depending on other duties. Also assist with and/or tutor students in MHL 204, the third semester of the undergraduate music history survey. Assist faculty in grading assignments, quizzes, and exams, and by coordinating printed and audio materials as needed. Help administer undergraduate and graduate music history placement examinations. Requires excellent English and musicianship skills, and strong training in critical thinking. (15-20 hours/week)

Musicianship/Music Theory

Provide individual tutoring sessions to students having difficulty with Musicianship 200-204 MMT 102-105, Music Theory MMT 112-115, Counterpoint MMT 222-223, Musicianship Review MMT 602, and Music Theory Review MMT 604. (6 hours/week)

Opera Department: Clerical

Assist Stage Director of the Conservatory Opera program with organization of the Conservatory Opera program as well as assisting with scheduling and photocopying. (6-10 hours/week)

Opera Department: Technical

Assist Stage Director of the Conservatory Opera program with all technical aspects of the opera rehearsals as well as locating props, costumes, and furniture. (6-10 hours/week)

Musical Theatre

Assist the Director of the Musical Theater Workshop with organization of the musical theater workshop and scheduling. The assistant will have an opportunity to direct some of the repertoire scheduled for performance. (6-8 hours/week)

Orchestra Librarian

The assistant orchestra librarians help facilitate preparation and maintenance of sheet music for many large and small ensemble activities. Such duties may include helping to prepare parts and scores for use in large ensemble rehearsals, readings, and concerts (including marking bowings, rehearsal or measure numbers, and sometimes stylistic markings), distributing and collecting orchestra folders for each event, preparing practice materials for students, and handling excerpt requests from students. The assistant will also help with the inventory and maintenance of SFCM's instrument collection. (10-15 hours/week)


Assist Percussion Department in scheduling lesson times, organize Percussion Ensemble rehearsals, assist with assigning parts and distribution of music for percussionists in orchestra rehearsals and concerts. Be responsible for Conservatory owned percussion equipment including inventory, minor instrument repair, ordering as necessary, and approving borrowing of instruments. Serve as assistant teacher for the department. (10 hours/week)


Assist with intradepartmental communication, maintaining departmental bulletin board, inventory, and organizing Piano Forum and concerto juries. Serve as student liaison to departmental faculty meetings. (hours vary/week)


Assist in organizing departmental recitals and master classes, and aid in the supervision of the SFCM string instrument collection. Send weekly emails about string event announcements to students and faculty. Other various departmental duties as determined by the string faculty chair. (6-8 hours/week)

Voice Department (2)

Clerical duties to include photocopying of Voice Department handbook and other materials. Run semi-annual juries/evaluations and two voice department competitions per year. Take attendance at voice master classes and weekly Vocal Performance Lab. We will have 2 Voice Assistants. (6 hours/week/student)

Woodwind Chamber Music

Assist the Chairman of the Woodwind Department in organizing woodwind chamber groups at the beginning of the semester, act as liaison between groups and coaches, and organize concerts. Attend all woodwind chamber music concerts. Approximately 5 hours per week, with more hours required at the beginning of the semester and fewer hours toward the end. (5 hours/week)

Writing Tutors

Writing Tutors are part of the Conservatory's Tutoring Center. They work with students on academic writing at any stage of the writing process, from helping a student outline an essay to proofreading a complete paper. Writing Tutors work with students on principles of writing, rather than just correcting errors, and must be interested in discussing and teaching the process of writing. Requires excellent English skills. Experience working with non-native English speakers is a plus. (5-10 hours/week)


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