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As a full-time student pursuing a Master of Music degree, you’re eligible to apply for graduate assistantships. Assistantships are awarded on the basis of musical proficiency and specific skills related to the position and are paid hourly over the course of the academic year. All assistantships pay $17/hour, and last through the academic year (September-May).

Apply here for 2020-21 positions by April 1, 2020.

The application asks for your cover letter and resume. The Writing Tutor applications ask for a writing sample.

Brass Position has been filled

Help organize chamber groups, act as contact for everyone in the various groups. Photocopy music for chamber groups and trombone class. Keep filing cabinet in the brass room organized. (3-5 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Adam Luftman (

Chamber Music (2)

Organize chamber groups at beginning of the semester, act as liaison between groups and coaches, and organize concerts (7-10 per semester). Attend all chamber music classes and concerts. An average of 10 hours per week, with more hours required at the beginning of the semester and fewer hours toward the end. This position is shared by two students. Note: This position is only open to prospective or returning Chamber Music majors. (10 hours/week/assistant)

Faculty contact: Dimitri Murrath (


Provide clerical assistance to the Composition Department as needed. (6 hours/week)

Faculty contact: David Conte (


Assist with photocopying, phoning, scheduling, and securing rooms for rehearsals, programming of recitals and master classes, and serving as a liaison for the Department Chair when he is on tour. Assist with Harris collection sessions on Wednesdays. In charge of Conservatory guitar collection in room 535: loaning guitars to students, maintenance and care of the collection. Attendance at all department recitals and master classes. General availability as needs arise. This position is only open to returning Graduate students. Note: This position is only open to students who have been in the SFCM guitar department for at least one year. (5 hours/week)

Faculty contact: David Tanenbaum (

Historical Performance / Baroque Ensemble

Assist the directors of the baroque ensemble and historical performance faculty. Provide clerical assistance, communicate with students, and assist with preparation of scores. (2-4 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Corey Jamason (

Historical Performance / Baroque Ensemble - Harpsichord Tuner

Act as the harpsichord tuner for the Historical Performances/Baroque Ensemble Department. (2-3 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Corey Jamason (

Humanities and Sciences (2)

There are two Graduate Assistants for the Humanities and Sciences Department—one assigned primarily to the Western Civilization courses, the other to the College Writing courses. Each assistant will attend the respective classes, will lead review sessions, and will assist faculty in correcting homework and research papers, and proctoring and correcting exams. Assistants may also be asked to tutor students having difficulties in any Humanities and Sciences course. Requires excellent English writing and language skills. (20 hours/week/assistant)

Faculty contact: Nikolaus Hohmann (

Music History and Literature (MHL) (4)

Two to three assistants will prepare and lead weekly discussion sessions for MHL 202 and/or 203, the first two semesters of the undergraduate music history survey. Tutor students in these courses and attend classes regularly. One assistant will attend lectures and tutor students in MHL 204, the third semester of the undergraduate music history survey. Additional support may include attending lecture for MHL 602 or MHL 603, our graduate refresher courses, tutoring students in those courses, and assisting with grading for those classes. All graduate assistants will assist faculty in grading assignments, quizzes, and exams, and by coordinating printed and audio materials as needed. Help administer undergraduate and graduate music history placement examinations. Requires excellent English and musicianship skills, and strong training in critical thinking. (15-20 hours/week/assistant)

Faculty contact: Rachel Vandagriff (

Musicianship and Music Theory (4)

The Musicianship and Music Theory Graduate Assistantship is a tutoring position; the responsibilities include helping both undergraduate and graduate students with the Core Curriculum in Musicianship and Music Theory courses, as well as the graduate courses involving theory and Musicianship. (6-7 hours/week)

Faculty contacts: Scott Foglesong ( and Wai Ho (

Opera and Musical Theater (3)

The three assistants provide services to the Opera and Musical Theater program. Attention to detail and excellent written and verbal communication skills are critical. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is required. Duties are divided among the three graduate assistants and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scan, photocopy, cloud storage and distribution of musical scores to students, faculty and production teams.
  • Organize storage for props, costumes, set dressing and furniture. Coordinate and transport any items needed for rehearsal and performances and between the various performance and storage locations. 
  • Organize orchestral parts and mail them back to publisher.
  • Act as stage manager or assistant stage manager, if required.
  • Manage and supervise student stage crew for rehearsals and performances.
  • Act as light-walker during technical rehearsals, if needed.
  • When required, distribute relevant information to students, including announcements, opportunities, etc.
  • Assist the Opera Production Manager and Costume Coordinator with obtaining headshot and measurement for all students involved in a production.
  • When appropriate, create or edit supertitles script or act as supertitles caller.

(4-6 hours/week during non-production periods; up to 15 or more hrs/week during production)

Faculty contact: Jose Maria Condemi (

Percussion (2)

Assist Percussion Department in scheduling lesson times, organize Percussion Ensemble rehearsals, assist with assigning parts and distribution of music for percussionists in orchestra rehearsals and concerts. Be responsible for Conservatory owned percussion equipment including inventory, minor instrument repair, ordering as necessary, and approving borrowing of instruments. Serve as assistant teacher for the department. (10-15 hours/week/assistant)

Faculty contact: Jacob Nissly ( and Ed Stephan (

Piano (2)

Assist the Piano department chair with intradepartmental communication, maintaining departmental bulletin board, piano inventory, organizing Piano Forum and departmental Piano Recitals. Specific duties include organizing the piano library, photocopying scores, scheduling performances, creating recital programs, and taking attendance at all required departmental events. Additional duties may include assisting with planning and organizing Guest Artists residencies and masterclasses, serving as student liaison between students and faculty, as well as communicating with other offices and departments within the school such as the program and concert offices. Qualified applicants will demonstrate high sense of organization, communication skills both written and oral (with email and computers), proven leadership, and strong sense of responsibility. Approximately 8-12 hours per week with possibility for more hours during guest residencies and recital season. (8-12 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Yoshikazu Nagai (

Strings Position has been filled

Assist in organizing departmental recitals and master classes, and aid in the supervision of the SFCM string instrument collection. Send weekly emails about string event announcements to students and faculty. Other various departmental duties as determined by the string faculty chair. (6-8 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Jennifer Culp (

Technology and Applied Composition (TAC)

TAC department assistant responsibilities include but are not limited to: weekly scheduling, emailing, music technology tutoring hours in the lab, assisting teachers, setting up AV needs for TAC classes, concert producing, concert engineering, sheet music copying and preparation, research, prospective student outreach, orientation planning and photography. (2 hours/week/assistant)

Faculty contact: MaryClare Brzytwa (

Voice (2)

Graduate assistants will provide clerical and organizational support for the voice department.  Duties will include monitoring and updating the voice student roster, taking attendance for Vocal Performance Lab and other class related activities including departmental recitals and masterclasses, and formatting programs for departmental events. Assistants will also provide support and prepare forms for recital previews, evaluations, juries and voice auditions.  Additional duties will include maintaining the department website, sending a weekly email with announcements to the faculty and students, and helping to facilitate intra-departmental communication. (6-10 hours/week/assistant)

Faculty contact: César Ulloa (

Woodwind Chamber Music

Assist the Chairman of the Woodwind Department in organizing woodwind chamber groups at the beginning of the semester, act as liaison between groups and coaches, and organize concerts. Attend all woodwind chamber music concerts. Approximately 5 hours per week, with more hours required at the beginning of the semester and fewer hours toward the end. (5 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Jeff Anderle (

Writing Tutors

Writing Tutors are part of the Student Academic Enrichment Center. They work with students on academic writing at any stage of the writing process. This process-oriented tutoring might include helping a student generate an effective thesis statement, revise a draft, or develop their critical analysis skills. Writing Tutors work with writing principles and strategies, rather than correcting errors or copy-editing. Candidates must be interested in discussing conventions of US college writing and serving students at the Conservatory. Requires excellent English writing and communication skills. Experience working with multilingual speakers is a plus. (5-10 hours/week)

Faculty contact: Wai Ho (


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