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Contemporary Music

Subject Headings

*Africa is used for purposes of illustration; Asia, Peru, Poland, Sweden, etc. may be used instead.

See also specific subject terms, e.g.: Clarinet; Opera; Symphony; etc. and specific proper names, e.g.: Berio, Josquin, Monteverdi, Stravinsky.

Folk dance music
Folk music
Folk music Africa *
Folk songs Africa*
Music Africa *
Music, 20th century
Music history and criticism
Musical criticism
Music critics
Music--[Country]--[Century], (e.g. Music--France--18th century)
Music--Philosophy and aesthetics
Performance practice (Music)
World music

Call Numbers

REF ML96.5 Facsimiles
[REF] ML 128 Bibliographies by subject
[REF] ML134 Thematic catalogs (composers)
[REF] ML 156 Discographies
M2.8 Facsimiles
M3 Collected works of composers


ML112 Music printing and publishing
ML113 General bibliography
ML114 - ML118 Bibliography of special periods
ML120 - ML125 Bibliography arranged by region or country

History and criticism:

ML160 General histories of music
ML385 - ML429 Biographies
ML457 Performance practice
ML459 - ML1351 Instruments and instrumental music
ML1400 - ML3275 Vocal music
ML3797 - ML3799 Musicology and ethnomusicology
ML3845 - ML3877 Aesthetics
MT90 - MT145 Analytical guides

Selected SFCM Library Resources Reference

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Early Music

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Contemporary Music

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World Music

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American Musicological Society Journal
College Music Symposium
Early Music
Fontes Artis Musicae
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World Music

Web Sites

American Musicological Society
Information on a wide range of music topics with many links to other internet resources.

The British Library Manuscripts Catalogue
The catalogues of the Department of Manuscripts cover all types of handwritten material in western languages including notes written on papyrus, literary and political papers, manuscript music, maps, drawings, photographs and illuminated manuscripts.

Internet Resources for Music Scholars
Maintained by Harvard University, this site is comprised of a directory of home pages, gophers, FTP sites and electronic journals.

DW3 Classic Music Resources
"The world's most comprehensive collection of classical music links."

Early Music

The Crumhorn Home Page
Information about the crumhorn including "building your own," a bibliography, and links to crumhorn-related sites.

Early Music Guild Guide to Early Music Resources on the Internet
Links to Early Music Societies and Festivals and other early music related sites.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
Online, full-text journal.

The Lute Page
Compilation of information about the lute and lute-playing.  Includes links to many other lute sites.

The Recorder Home Page
"Links to articles, lists, catalogues and databases concerning all aspects of the recorder worldwide."

Contemporary Music

New Music USA
The AMC home page has information about its reference services, publications, lending library (over 55,000 scores and recordings), artist member home pages, and many internet links.

National Association of Composers, USA
The NACUSA site provides information about concerts, and competitions, as well as links to other internet sites.

Electronic Music Foundation
Provides information about electronic music concerts, festivals, conferences, workshops, and products. Includes a directory of educational institutions, artists, and internet links.

World Music

African Music Encyclopedia
Music from Africa and the African Diaspora.

American Folklife Center, The Library of Congress
Services include full texts of selected publications as well as links to resources in ethnographic studies.

Chinese Music Society of North America
This site includes brief articles and information publications, performing ensembles, etc..

Latin American Music Center
The LAMC site includes links to online resources about colonial music, composers, electronic music, organizations, performers, and discussion lists.

National and Regionally Oriented Pages
Duke University site organized by region and country.

Omaha Indian Music
Part of the American Memory project at the Library of Congress, the site features traditional Omaha music. including sound, photos, and other research materials.