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Percussion Resources

Subject Headings

* Snare drum, Xylophone, etc. may be used instead of timpani.

Concertos timpani*
Concertos percussion
Percussion and Percussion ensembles (for two or more percussionists, each playing one or more percussion instruments)
Percussion music (for one percussionist playing two or more different percussion instruments)
Sonatas timpani
Timpani and
Timpani music (for one percussion instrument)
Trios; Quartets; Quintets; Sextets; Septets; Octets; Nonets (For chamber music with keyboard see the Keyboard Music Guide.)

Subject Headings for books

Drummers (musicians)
Electronic percussion instruments
Percussion instruments
Rhythm bands and orchestras

Call Numbers

*For Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use same formulae as Quartets and Quintets, thus M685 - M686 are Sextets which may include one or more percussion instruments.

M146 Solo drum [including tympani, side drum, etc.
M147 Solo bells, glockenspiel, etc.
M175 Solo other [xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, etc.
M284 - M285 One percussion instrument and piano
M298 - M299 Duets which may include one or more percussion instruments
M385 - M386 Trios which may include one or more percussion instruments
M390 Percussion trios
M485 - M486 Quartets which may include one or more percussion instruments
M490 Percussion quartets
M585 - M586 Quintets which may include one or more percussion instruments
M590 Percussion quintets


M1038 - M1039


Concertos for percussion instrument with orchestra


M1138 - M1139


Concertos for percussion instrument with string orchestra


M1039.4 ; M1139.4


Concertos for other percussion instruments (xylophone, etc.)


Book Call Numbers:

ML1030; MT662

Selected SFCM Library Resources

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2nd ed.Novato, Calif. :Grateful Dead Books, 1991. ML1035 .H23 1991

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Siwe, Thomas. Percussion Solo Literature. Champaign, IL: Media Press Inc., 1995. REF ML128.P4 S6 1995


International Musician
Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Overseas Musician
Percussive Notes

Web Sites

Industry news and product reviews; also music reviews, artist interviews, and links to other sites.

Drum Workshop
Information about percussion instruments and their care.
Online drum lessons on a variety of topics, including rock, jazz and latin drumming, drum fills, with play-alongs and videos. Free membership gets you weekly lessons sent to your email.

Vic Firth Education Resource Center
Extensive percussion site from legendary Boston Symphony Orchestra tympanist, Everett "Vic" Firth.

Drummer's Web
An extensive collection of ads and a list of articles, the page also has links to many different sites about all styles of drumming.

Percussive Arts Society
Home page for the PAS.