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Subject Headings

Clavichord, Organ, or Harpsichord may be used in place of "Piano" in the headings below

Organ masses
Organ music
Piano music
Piano with
Sonatas piano
Piano music 4 hands
Piano music pianos 2
Violin and piano music (Flute and piano music, etc.)
Piano trios [For piano, violin, violoncello; for other combinations use Trios piano]
Piano quartets [For piano, violin, viola, violoncello; for other combinations use Quartets]
Piano quintets [For piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello; for other combinations use Quintets piano]
Trios piano
Quartets piano
Quintets piano
Similarly for Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets
Concertos piano
Chamber music
Organ builders

Subject Headings for books

Chamber music

Call Numbers

M6 - M19 Solo Organ
M180 - M181 One or more organs, two or more players
M182 - M195 Organ and one other instrument
M300 - M309 Organ and two other instruments
M400 - M409 Organ and three other instruments [for organ and 4,5,6,7, or 8 instruments see M500-M509,.etc.]
M1005 - M1006 Organ concertos [orch. or keyboard acc.]
M1108 - M1109 Organ concertos [string orch. or keyboard acc.]
M20 - M39 Solo piano
M200-M212 Piano, three or more hands
M213 - M216 Two or more pianos
M217- M285 Piano and one other instrument
M310 - M344 Piano and two other instruments
M410 - M449 Piano and three other instruments [for piano nad 4,5,6,7, or 8 instr. See M510-M549, etc.]
M1010 - M1011 Piano concertos [orch. or keyboard acc.]
M1110 - M1101 Piano concertos [string orch. or keyboard acc.]

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