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Woodwind Resources

Subject Headings

*for music Bassoon, Clarinet, English horn, Oboe, or Saxophone may be used instead of "flute" in the headings

Flute music
Sonatas flute
Flute and
Flute with
Flute music flutes 2
Woodwind trios; Wind trios; Trios
Woodwind quartets; Wind quartets; Quartets
Woodwind quintets; Wind quintets; Quintets [similarly, Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets]
For chamber music with keyboard, see the Keyboard Music Guide Concertos flute
Concertos flute solo with piano


Band music Oboe
Bassoon Saxophone
Chamber music Wind ensembles
Clarinet Wind instruments
English horn Woodwind


*For Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use same formulae as Quartets, e.g. M555 - M559 are Woodwind quintets.

M60 - M64 Flute solo
M65 - M69 Oboe solo
M70 - M74 Clarinet solo
M75 - M79 Bassoon solo
M105 - M109 Saxophone solo
M110 Other (English horn, piccolo, etc.)
M240 - M244 Flute and piano
M245 - M247 Oboe and piano
M248 - M252 Clarinet and piano
M253 - M254 Bassoon and piano
M266 - M267 Saxophone and piano
M270 - M271 Other wind instrument and piano
M315 - M386 Trios which may include one or more woodwind instruments
M315 - M319 Two wind instruments and piano
M355 - M359 Woodwind trios
M415 - M486 Quartets which may include one or more woodwind instruments
M415 - M419 Three wind instruments and piano
M455 - M459 Woodwind quartets


Orchestra acc. String orchestra acc.  
M1020-M1021 M1120-M1121 Flute concertos
M1022-M1023 M1122-M1123 Oboe concertos
M1024-M1025 M1124-M1125 Clarinet concertos
M1026-M1027 M1126-M1127 Bassoon concertos
M1034-M1035 M1134-M1135 Other woodwind instruments


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Double Reed Society
Flutist Quarterly
International Double Reed Society Journal
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