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Sound Design

Sound Design TAC SFCM

Ever wondered how sound works in your favorite TV show, film, video game, or song? Sound design courses include everything from recording, to sampling, editing, scoring, and sound mixing. In sound design courses you will learn how to collect, edit, and create sound effects, ambient effects, for nearly every form of media.

Students learn field recording, (re-)sampling, synthesis, audio manipulation, editing and mixing to create just the right background ambiences, sense of space, and sound effects to fit the mood of a particular piece of media. Courses include Introduction to Sound Design, Building Applications for Music and Portfolio Building. Classes also include spatial audio, the latest and greatest in immersive music technology.

In this specialized program students also learn how to work to client specifications and needs of the target medium as to musical and sound qualities, from mood, character, story line, sense of time and place, all skillsets young musicians will need for a career in composing music.

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Technology and Applied Composition

SFCM’s TAC program offers students a direct path to careers in film, television and media scoring, sound design, and audio engineering. More than 90% of alumni are employed in the field of their choice—one of the highest job placement rates anywhere.

TAC Soundboard


SFCM’s TAC studios are the best around. They feature the latest versions of all major digital audio workstations on the market, as well as top-of-the-line hardware to suit your every recording and mixing need.

Financial Aid and Affordability

At SFCM, we understand that college is a substantial investment. We're here to help, and we're committed to working with you to achieve the education you desire. 99% of our students receive financial aid at an average rate of 57% tuition discount.

Life on Campus

Learn about safe and secure, all-suite on-campus housing, where 24/7 practice rooms are just the beginning.


We put on more than 500 performances a year, including student recitals, masterclasses, and side-by-sides with exciting guest artists—most of them free to the public. Check out one today.


Get the inside scoop on everything going on at SFCM with stories of SFCM's students, alumni, faculty and leadership.


SFCM leads an alliance across the music industry consisting of artist management companies Opus 3 Artists and Askonas Holt and recording label Pentatone. Together, their work creates opportunities for students, artists, presenters, and audiences to develop and experience new ideas.