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Six strings of imagination.

Study guitar in the heart of one of the country’s most active classical guitar scenes.

SFCM produces some of the most successful and influential classical guitarists in the world. Spearheaded by renowned faculty and complemented by visiting artists such as Marcin Dylla, the department honors the tradition of the classical guitar while cultivating innovation. The Harris Guitar Collection, housed at SFCM, gives students a chance to see—and play—some of the most extraordinary guitars of the last two centuries.

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Harris Guitar Collection

View and play over two dozen historic instruments.

Didier Nicolas la Aine

1815 (circa), Mirecourt

René Lacote

1830, Paris

Louis Panormo

1837, London

Juan Perfumo

1839, Cadiz

Manuel Gutierrez

1846, Seville

Manuel de Soto y Solares

1876, Seville

Antonio de Torres

1878, Almeria

Antonio de Torres

1888, Almeria

José Ramirez I

1901, Madrid

Vicente Arias

1910, Madrid

Manuel Ramirez

1912, Madrid

Enrique Garcia

1915, Barcelona

Benito Ferrer

1917, Granada

Francisco Simplicio

1929, Barcelona

Domingo Esteso

1930, Madrid

Santos Hernández

1930, Madrid

Marcelo Barbero

1948, Madrid

Hermann Hauser I

1948, Reisbach

José Ramirez III

1961, Madrid

Robert Bouchet

1961, Paris

Arcángel Fernández

1962, Madrid

Ignacio Fleta

1965, Barcelona

David “Jose” Rubio

1965, New York

Hermann Hauser II

1967, Reisbach

Manuel de la Chica

1968, Granada

Hernández y Aguado

1969, Madrid

Manuel Contreras/Miguel Rodriguez

1971, Madrid/Cordoba

José Ramirez III

1972, Madrid

Masaru Kohno

1976, Tokyo

Miguel Rodriguez

1984, Cordoba

José Romanillos

1987, Semley

Miguel Rodriguez

1994, Cordoba

Daniel Friederich

2000, Paris


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Detailed curricula are available for all guitar music degrees at SFCM.


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Performance opportunities abound at SFCM. Guitar is part of many ensembles, including the New Music Ensemble, historical performance ensembles, and chamber groups of various sizes and instrumentations.